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There is more to house maintenance than simply taking care of your home’s interiors and exteriors. You should also pay close attention to the roof and its present condition, especially if it is already exhibiting signs of wear or damage. Roof damage of any kind should be quickly addressed, call us on 02 8957 1109 today. It is very important not to ignore roofing issues, as small problems may quickly grow into big, expensive disasters if left un-repaired.

Every day, your roof is exposed to weather and other elements that may contribute to decay and deterioration, increasing the risk of damage to the roof itself and the contents below it.

The best way to avoid roof-related problems and strengthen weather resistance is through regular care and preventive maintenance. Proper maintenance also prolongs the life of a roof and in many instances will allow for “repair” instead of “replacement” when a problem is identified. The frequency of inspections for routine maintenance depends on several factors, including the age of the roof, recent weather events, rooftop foot traffic, and conditions identified during previous inspections.

In fact, studies show that having your roof maintained on an annual basis extends its life by at least 15 years.


In some cases damp can be seen from the inside. Before this is even detected major damage may already have been done to the timber roof structure.



Poor craftsmanship. Slates have not been matched to existing and repair work has not been carried out effectively.



Fatigued lead flashing through lack of maintenance.


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