Slate Repair Sydney

Slate Repair Sydney, best Slate roofing Sydney company

Slate Repair Sydney tip: With today’s modern trend of concrete-tiled pitched roofs, Slate Repair Sydney is becoming a thing of the past – a material reserved solely for traditional Australian buildings. If you are lucky enough to have a slate roof, then you have a roof that is really built to last. Some people refer to slate as a ‘100-year roof’ and research has shown that Slate Repair Sydney can provide a service life of 150 years or more. However, in order to achieve such longevity, it is important that a roof be properly cared for with Slate repair Sydney.

Slate Repair Sydney advice: The environment of the actual rooftop is as harsh that of anywhere in the world. The temperatures can differ 100 degrees in a day plus the seasonal swings can twice that number in some climates.