Slate Roof Replacement

If you’re in need of slate repairs or slate roof replacement in Sydney or New South Wales, NSW Slate Roofing is the best choice.

Our roofing company specialises in all types of slate roof installation, restoration and repairs. We are led by a master slater who has more than 20 years of experience – and we only use the highest quality slate for all of our repair services.

Restore Your Slate Roofing – For Less!

We take great pride in every one of our roof restoration projects. Our repair service uses the highest quality slate roofing – such as Canadian Glendyne – to replace damaged slates.

Slate roofs usually last around 100 years until they need some kind of repair. And even when there are damaged slates on your roof, around 80% of all your slates will remain completely intact.

That’s why our master slate roofers are the best choice for your slate roof restoration – for all types of slate roofing. We take care to remove all of your undamaged slate carefully, and reuse it alongside new, high quality slate.

We take care to ensure that each of your slate tiles is in great condition – and we take great pride in repairing slate tile roofs with a minimum of expense. You can trust us to deliver fantastic results for your roofing project.

NSW Slate Roofing provide Slate Roof Replacement Sydney wide
NSW Slate Roofing provide Slate Roof Replacement Sydney wide

Why Choose NSW Slate Roofing?

Need more reasons to choose NSW Slate Roofing? Here are just a few!

  • Specialised slate roofers – Unlike some other roofing companies, slate is our specialty. You can trust us to deliver the very best results, even when working with older roofs and heritage materials. Our master slaters have seen it all.
  • Easy to deal with, free consultations – With transparent pricing, free consultations, and a total dedication to your satisfaction, we make the process of slate roof restoration quick and easy.
  • The best slate suppliers in New South Wales – We have suppliers of Welsh slate, Spanish slate, Canadian slate and composite slate including Monier Elemental Tiles, and can find slate that perfectly matches your existing roof.

Contact The Slate Roofing Sydney Experts Today!

If you need to have your slate roof repaired in Sydney or anywhere else in New South Wales, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Our master slate roofers have decades of experience here and abroad, making them the best choice for all types of slate projects.

Contact NSW Slate Roofing today, and schedule your repair consultation. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and learning more about your slate roofing project.

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