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Roof slating Sydney services tip: You will know if you need new slate roofing if you notice leaks and if you’ve had your roof for a few decades already. Once you discover leaks and brittle slate pieces falling off your roof, it may be time for a little slate roof repair. It would be a good idea to begin searching for some slate roofing contractors before your roof problems get worse and cost more to fix.

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Roof slating Sydney service tip 2:Try to get up on the roof to inspect it for damages. Check for loose slate. The problem could just be loose nails and not the slate itself. When it gets cool and moist in your area, slate will have a Slate roofing Sydney tendency to swell. This can cause some nails to loosen. You can remedy this easily by securing the nails with a hammer. Using copper nails and flashing during the initial installation can secure your roofing longer. Roof slating Sydney services tip 3: Another problem that requires roof repair is broken slate tiles. Although highly durable, slate cannot last forever. Some pieces will eventually break from normal wear and tear or extreme weather conditions. Read more about Roof slating Sydney, Timber shingles Sydney and Slate roofing Sydney professionals.