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Professionals in Slate roofing Sydney

Company owner Kinsley Denning’s knowledge was passed on from father to son, Starting out at the age of 16. Once Qualified at 19 he set up a small but successful business in South Wales.

Professionals in Slate roofing Sydney for all Slate repairs Sydney

Unlike tiles that have more and more nibs to find a fixed batten, both slate lap needs to be double nailed. But this requires that Slate roofing to be laid from the eaves to the ridge to ensure each nail is covered with slate top. Now, to strip the Slate roofing, this method should be used at all times. Whenever the isolated Slate roofing should be replaced in the middle of the roof, it needs to remove the V-shaped shape, so that another method should be used as well. At Roof slating Sydney we offer: Slate Repair, Slate roofing Timber shingles, Slate roofing, Timber shingling and Sydney slate roof repairs.Professionals in Slate roofing Sydney, taking care of all Sydney slate roof repairs and replacement services.