Slate Roofing Supplies Sydney

At NSW Slate Roofing, we source the finest roofing slate in all of Sydney. We specialise in traditional slate and natural slate – such as Welsh Penrhyn slate, and Canadian Glendyne slate.

Slate is the finest roofing material that there is, and a high quality slate roof can easily have a 100 year life expectancy. If you’re not sure what material you’d like to use for your next slate roofing project, learn more about natural slate below.

NSW Slate Roofing provide Slate Roofing Supplies Sydney wide

We Import The Best Slate In All Of Australia

If you’re in need of the highest quality slate in all of NSW and Australia, NSW Slate Roofing is here for you – both for slate roof repairs, and new slate roofing projects. We’re based in Sydney, and have a comprehensive network of slate suppliers.

Whether you’re interested in a heritage slate, or a lower-cost synthetic slate, we can get you the highest quality products that you need for your next roofing project.

As master slate roofers, we have the best connections in all of Australia, and can get you the best prices on high-quality slate products.

Why Choose NSW Slate Roofing For Building Supplies?

Why should you choose us to purchase your slate roofing supplies, instead of choosing another company or doing it on your own? Great question!!

  • The best prices – We have been working with importers in NSW for more than two decades, ever since our business was founded. That means we have the best relationship with suppliers, and can get great prices on heritage slate products.
  • Excellent customer service – We’re always dedicated to keeping our customers happy at NSW Slate Roofing. We will maintain constant contact throughout the process – and if you’re unsatisfied with any aspect of your purchase, we’ll make it right.
  • All-in-one purchasing and installation – We don’t just purchase slate for our customers. We install it, too! Our team of master slaters will install your roof for you, guaranteeing fantastic results. You can trust us to take care of the entire process – from ordering and importing tile, to checking it for quality, and installing it on your roof.
  • Guaranteed warranty qualification – Warranties for slate are only guaranteed if the slate roof tiles are installed properly. We always take care to install slate perfectly, and ensure that you are covered by the longest possible manufacturer warranty.
NSW Slate Roofing provide Slate Roofing Supplies Sydney wide

NSW Slate Roofing – The Best Choice for Slate Roofing Sydney Wide!

NSW Slate Roofing are the best choice for slate roofing in Sydney. Whether you are interested in partnering with us for roofing supplies, or you need a brand-new slate roof, we are here for you.

So don’t wait. Contact us now to learn more, or feel free to take a look at some of our past slate roofing projects. You can also see what our customers think about us on our testimonials page. We hope to hear from you soon, and learn more about your project.

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