Spanish Slate Roofing

If you’re interested in a long-lasting, beautiful roofing material, Spanish slate is a great option. While most asphalt roofs will fail within 25 years or 30 years, a high quality slate roof can easily last for over 100 years.

There are many slate quarries in the world, and a Spanish roof made of slate is a great option if you’re not interested in Welsh Penrhyn slate, or Canadian Glendyne slate.

Read on to learn more about the high quality natural Spanish slate we offer at NSW Slate Roofing, and see if a spanish slate roof is right for you.

What Makes Spanish Slate Different?

There are hundreds of slate quarries throughout the world, and each slate production center creates slate of different types, colors, and quality.

We’re proud to use Del Carmen slate for all of our Spanish slate roof projects. Del Carmen slate is a blue grey, hard, and durable slate produced from a quarry deep within the Cabrera mountains of Spain.

The slate produced at Del Carmen is of the utmost quality. It comes with a 100 year warranty, and has been recognised as passing the most strict international standards for weather resistance and colour stability.

Del Carmen slate has been used in historic buildings around the world, such as Buckingham Palace and The British Museum in the UK, due to its natural appearance and durability.

NSW Slate Roofing offer Spanish Slate Roofing

Why Should I Invest In A Spanish Slate Roof?

Del Carmen slate is not cheap – so why is it worth investing in a Spanish slate roof? There are several reasons.

First, slate is durable and resists fading, staining, weather, and debris. A slate roof can easily last more than 100 years. Slate is so durable that, when it finally must be renovated, more than half of the tiles usually remain in perfect condition!

Spanish slate can also increase the beauty and resale value of your home. Compared to metal roofs and asphalt shingles, it’s much more aesthetically pleasing. And because it does not have to be replaced, potential homeowners may be willing to pay more when it’s time to sell your home.

Finally, Spanish slate is fire resistant and mold resistant. It’s also non porous, making it impregnable to water and reducing issues like frost damage and roof leaks.

NSW Slate Roofing offer Spanish Slate Roofing

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We have more than 20 years of experience installing natural roofing materials, such as Spanish Slate. NSW Slate is led by one of Australia’s only master slate roofers – Kinsley Denning. Mr. Denning has been a slate roofer since the age of 16, so you’re guaranteed exceptional results for your roofing project.

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