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Sydney reports a record high in the demand for “slate roof”


Earlier on, Market analysts identified a new trend of home designs in the Sydney metro area — more new buildings are settling for slate roof tiles. Considerably, homeowners are looking for both functionality and aesthetic appeal which slates roof tiling provides. According to market predictions slate roof is set to become the next generation roof.

Slate is one of the oldest roof tilling materials, and goes way back to the ancient Roman times. The last slate boom was in the 19th century until World War 1 when its decline led to the vast majority of other roofing materials including metal, steel and corrugated roofs. However the latest upsurge report, indicates we may be in for another slate roofing boom. The CEO of NSW Slate Roofing, Kinsley Denning, held that he’s recorded more slate roofing jobs recently — from Welsh Penrhyn in Avoca Beach to Tapco inspire composite slate in Dulwich Hill and Burwood, Welsh Cwt-y-bugail slate in ST Edmund’s School Wahroonga, Spanish Forna Slate in Cremorne Point, Recycled Welsh Slate in Southern Highlands, Diamond SVK Composite Fibre Cement Slate in Collaroy, Canadian Glendyne Slate in Narrabeen and more.

According to Kinsley Denning ” slates are beautiful and last very long which is what clients are looking for regardless of also being one of the most expensive roof tiling.”

One homeowner, Gregory & Jackey from Manly said,  “Our home looks stunning, a fabulous product installed seamlessly!”

What makes Slates roof unique?

Longevity — good slates are known to last for as long as 175 years, which is a huge benefit as other roof materials only last 20 or 30 years before renewal if you’re lucky.

Eco-friendly —Roofing in general constitutes about 5 percent of wastes nationally per year. Since slates last for a long time they require little or no maintenance, and hence, very minimum waste is generated.

Fire and water resistance — Slate roof possesses more fire resistant quality than any other roofs in the industry. This is a very desirable quality for people who live in areas that are prone to fire caused by air borne sparks, bushfires or wildfires. In addition, slates have the capacity to withstand a wide range of weather conditions.

Aesthetic appeal— Homeowners are attracted to slate roofs because of its attractiveness. They completely transform the appearance of a house giving it more grandeur and classiness both inside and out. In addition, Slates roofing tiles offer more choices than most homeowners are aware of — available in different sizes, density, as well as a wide selection of colours, ranging from gray to green, black, red, and mottled tiles spotting several mixed of colours.

From around the world there are different types of slates — some well known ones come from Welsh, Canada, Spain and China. Some are infamous for being inferior quality than others, and usually takes a professional to identify the difference. Kinsley Denning from NSW Slate Roofing, specialises in Wales, Spain and Canadian slates which he says are some of the best in the world – the most popular being the Welsh Penrhyn slate. Kingsley, whose passion for the trade was inspired by his father from a very young age of 16 says he still visits the Welsh quarries every year, and being a Welsh himself also assists in splitting slates. He adds that customers stand to gain 10 to 15 years warranty on all slates roofing job done by his company including directly communicating with the owner.

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