All You Need To Know About Penrhyn Heather Blue Slate

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Slate extraction began in the UK and North Wales hundreds of years ago, and when the immigrants arrived in Australia, they brought with them this incredibly natural UK stone.

These days, slate is one of the best roofing options there are, thanks to its durability and aesthetics. Though there are many available choices on the market, we wanted to dedicate this article to the slate we at NSW Slate Roofing simply love to use: Penrhyn Heather Blue Slate.

A Quick Rundown of Penrhyn Heather Blue

Welsh slate roofs are a testament of quality and a sign of beauty, and we think the Heather Blue Slate, in particular, takes the top prize.

Welsh Heather Blue slate is one of the best materials for roofing around, being sourced near Bethesda from quarries in North Wales since early Roman times. Penrhyn Quarry, in particular, has been the focal point for UK natural stone since the thirteenth century and has had an impressive supply operation for over 400 years.

These deposits were formed over 590 million years ago in the Cambrian ERA. After about 400 million years, the movement of the tectonic plates put a lot of heat and pressure on the rock, causing the crystals to re-align vertically. This way, the world-renowned Welsh slate was born.

Why Is Penrhyn Heather Blue Slate So Impressive?

The quality of Welsh Slate is uncontested and explains why the market has been able to grow immensely for centuries, particularly when this stone and its heritage began to travel beyond the limits of its native country.

This material is extremely durable and remains unaffected by extreme temperatures or adverse weather conditions. Additionally, its high resistance to acids, and other chemicals, increase the lifespan of this material even more, as Welsh slate roofs are only taken out every 100 years, and then the slate can be reused.

For instance, Welsh Penrhyn Slate from St. Asaph Cathedral was only removed after 400 years since it was installed, and the slate was then reused after renovations.

This impressive focal point for UK natural stone has another Ace in its sleeve: a unique colour that catches the eye without fail. Heather blue (or Bangor blue, as it’s also called), even has some purple undertones in certain lighting, making this natural stone truly one of its kind. It’s really no wonder exporting the stone has been a major operation in the area for centuries.

All You Need To Know About Penrhyn Heather Blue Slate | NSW Slate Roofing Sydney

What Is It Good for?

Heather blue slate is extremely versatile, and given its natural beauty, it can be a perfect material to accentuate both the interior and the exterior of a home. It has two lines of breakability known as cleavage and grain and can be split into thin sheets in order to create tiles for the interior.

Many homeowners turn to Bangor blue slate for their roofs, especially because of its ability to withstand almost all weather conditions. Unlike other slates, Welsh slate has a very low water absorption rating of around 0.13%. The European average, for comparison, is at 0.6%. This stone is, therefore, a lot less porous, and water cannot damage it as easily as it’s able to do with other types of slates.

Penrhyn Heather Blue Slate is, as a result, ideal roofing material is you are looking for something that can:

  • Last over 100 years;
  • Have an impressive, non-fading colour;
  • Resist during adverse weather conditions;
  • Resist acid, alkalies and other chemicals;
  • Add a touch of colour to their home or building.

Are You Looking to Upgrade Your Roof?

At NSW Slate Roofing, we work exclusively with slate because we know it’s the best material out there, both for commercial and residential businesses. If you’re interested in investing in a welsh slate roofing job, we’re the team to call.

NSW Slate Roofing can offer pristine, county-grade Welsh slate. With decades of practical experience under our belts, we can guarantee a job well done. Give us a call on 1300 102 908.

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