Can You Paint Slate Roofing?

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If you have a slate roof, and you’re interested in adding a bit more color or revitalizing the appearance of your natural slate, you may be wondering if you can paint your slate roof. So, in this article, the team at NSW Slate Roofing will discuss everything that you need to know about painting slate surfaces and slate roofing. You …

Slate Roof Maintenance Tips | NSW Slate Roofing

When Do I Need To Replace Slate Roof Tiles?

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If you have a slate roof, you’re purchasing a home or building with a slate roof, or you’re just interested in having one installed and want to learn more about slate, you may be wondering when you need to replace slate roof tiles. Slate roofs can easily last 100 years or longer. But, in many cases, you may need to …

Cost Of A Slate Roof Vs. Shingles

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For any home improvement project, you have to weigh your budget with the benefits that you can enjoy from investing in a higher-quality product. Roofing systems are no different. If you’re trying to choose between metal roofing, asphalt shingles, natural slate and other roofing material options, you’re not alone. So, what are the pros, cons, and specifics that can help …

Slate Roofing Or Metal Roofing | NSW Slate Roofing

Metal vs. Slate Roof

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At NSW Slate Roofing in Sydney, we’ve helped hundreds of property owners repair and replace their slate and timber shake roofs. Slate roofing materials comprise some of the most iconic architectural styles in Australia. But recently, metal and tin roofs have made an appearance and are becoming a common choice of roof replacement material. Today, we’ll explore different roofing materials …


A Brief History of Slate

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NSW Slate Roofing has been in the business of installing beautiful, durable slate roofs for decades. Our founder, Kinsley Dennings, has been working with slate since he was a teenager. Slate roofs have a unique, rich history and are used all over the world. Slate offers superior durability and longevity compared to any other building material on earth. The craft …