Can You Paint Slate Roofing?

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If you have a slate roof, and you’re interested in adding a bit more color or revitalizing the appearance of your natural slate, you may be wondering if you can paint your slate roof. So, in this article, the team at NSW Slate Roofing will discuss everything that you need to know about painting slate surfaces and slate roofing.

You Can Paint Slate Roofing – But It’s Not Always A Good Idea

Painting slate tiles is not common, but some people do choose to paint their roofs, due to personal preferences, or to add more visual interest to their home or building. And there are a few good reasons that most people do not paint slate roofing.

  • You could void your warranty – Many slate roofs have warranties of 50 years or longer. This means that, if part of your slate roof fails or there are damaged tiles, you can usually have them replaced free of charge. This warranty usually passes to the next building owner, too, so it can be attractive to buyers.
    However, some slate companies will not accept warranty claims on slate tiles that have been painted. If your warranty coverage is important to you, you should definitely avoid painting your slate tiles.
  • The process is irreversible – There’s no going back, once you’ve painted your slate roof. You will not be able to remove the paint completely, so you’re going to commit to your paint job for the lifetime of your slate roof – which is long. Most slate roofs can easily last 100 years or more.
  • You’ll have to repaint your roof eventually – Alongside the above point, here’s a fact – your slate tiles are going to outlast their paint job. The paint will fade, dull, peel, and blister away over the decades, and you’ll have to have it repainted eventually.
    In contrast, if you don’t have your roof tiles painted, you won’t ever have to worry about this. A periodic cleaning to remove algae and dirt is all you’ll need to keep your tiles in great shape.

If You Do Paint Slate Roofing, Hire A Professional

We must say that, as a rule, we do not recommend painting slate roofing for all of the above reasons. However, if you do make the decision to paint your roof, do not do it yourself. Hire a professional, so that the roof can be cleaned, prepared, and painted properly. You’ll also expose yourself to less risk, because you won’t have to get up on your roof, and paint your slate tiles on your own. Let a professional handle the job. It may cost you more, but the results will be much better.

Before Painting Slate, Consider Having Your Roof Cleaned Instead!

If you’re thinking about painting a slate roof because your roof looks dull, dirty, grimy, or is otherwise unappealing, consider hiring a professional team of roof cleaners instead.

With power washers and anti-algae detergents, a team of roof cleaners from a company like NSW Slate Roofing can make your roof look brand-new – for a fraction of the cost of a paint job.

For more information about slate roofing, give NSW Slate Roofing a call on 1300 102 908.