Cost Of A Slate Roof Vs. Shingles

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For any home improvement project, you have to weigh your budget with the benefits that you can enjoy from investing in a higher-quality product. Roofing systems are no different. If you’re trying to choose between metal roofing, asphalt shingles, natural slate and other roofing material options, you’re not alone.

So, what are the pros, cons, and specifics that can help you choose between real slate roof and an asphalt-based roof shingle? Let’s get into it now.

Material Costs And Installation Costs Between Slate Roof Tiles And Asphalt Shingles

As a rule, slate is going to be quite a bit more expensive to install, compared to asphalt shingles. There are a few reasons for this.

  • You need a specialised roof contractor – You can’t expect just anyone to install slate properly. Roof slating is a specialty, which means you may need a more expensive, specialized contractor.
  • Slate is heavy – Because of the weight of slate, additional reinforcements and modifications may need to be made to your roof structure to support it. This is not cheap.
  • The cost of slate roofing material is high – A high-quality slate is usually much more expensive, per square foot, compared to an asphalt shingle.
  • Installation is more labor-intensive – Much of the cost of slate roofing is due to the installation process. While asphalt shingles can be installed with power equipment like nail guns, a slate tile roof is usually built using hand tools. Correspondingly, tile roofing cost is usually higher.

So, what’s the price difference? While the cost may vary, here are a few reasonable estimates for your project:

  • Slate roof – $5.50-$8.40/sq ft. for the slate material, $4-$6/sq ft. for installation.
  • Asphalt roof – $1.50-$3/sq ft. for shingles, $1-2/sq ft. for installation.

Cost Of A Slate Roof Vs. Shingles | NSW Slate Roofing Sydney

Slate Is More Expensive, But A Better Long-Term Investment

Obviously, slate is quite a bit more expensive than asphalt shingles. But, if it’s in your price range, it’s still a better option. Why?

Simple. Even the best asphalt roof will fail after 15-30 years, but slate can last 100 years or longer. If you’re roofing a commercial building, or you want your home’s roof to last the longest possible time, a slate roof is a better investment. And, because of this, it can even add value to your home or building, as potential buyers will know the roof won’t need to be replaced for a long time.

Over time, the roof will essentially pay for itself – because one slate roof can easily last the lifetime of 3 or more asphalt roofs. However, this also means that it may not be worth the investment if you don’t plan on owning your home for an extended period of time.

Cost Of A Slate Roof Vs. Shingles | NSW Slate Roofing Sydney

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The cost of a slate roof does depend on a number of different factors, so to get a more accurate estimate, we recommend that you contact the team at NSW Slate Roofing right away. We’d be happy to give you a more informed price comparison, to help you determine if a slate roof is right for you. Call us today on 1300 102 908.