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Do You Need To Waterproof A Slate Roof

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If you’re choosing between different roofing materials, such as concrete tiles, asphalt shingles, and slate roof tiles, you may be wondering which ones are better for water resistance. Do you need to waterproof a slate roof to prevent water damage? Let’s discuss everything you need to know.

Slate Is Naturally Impermeable To Water – No Additional Waterproofing Is Required

Slate tiling is completely water-resistant, and does not require any additional waterproofing to protect your roof substrate and other roof elements from water damage. If you hire the right slate roofing companies in Sydney, your roof will be completely waterproof for years to come.

This is because slate is a nonporous natural stone. Like other types of stone, it does not readily absorb water. While slate can absorb a small amount of water, it has a very low water absorption index of 0.4%. For all intents and purposes, it’s completely waterproof.

The fact that it absorbs so little water is also great for resistance to freezing – since so little water is absorbed, the slate does not expand and contract as much when freezing and thawing. While freezing temperatures are extremely rare in Sydney, this is still something to bear in mind, and speaks well of natural slate’s ability to resist the elements.

Slate Has An Extremely Long Lifespan With Proper Installation

Beyond its waterproof benefits, slate also offers an extremely long lifespan when installed properly with a roof pitch of 20° or higher – which is typically the minimum roofing requirement for this material to ensure proper water and weather resistance.

Natural slate is very resistant to the elements. As a natural stone, slate will not be worn down over time, and will continue to offer excellent protection for your roof for years and decades to come.

In fact, it’s common for slate tiles to last up to 100 years. Even when a roof wears out, most of the slate tiles are usually reusable, too, so replacing a slate roof does not require the use of as many raw materials.

If you are interested in the best possible lifespan and longest results from your roof installation in Sydney or elsewhere in NSW, slate is an excellent option. While you may pay a bit more up front compared to some other materials like asphalt shingles, your investment will pay off in the long term, protecting your home and giving you peace of mind.

Do You Need To Waterproof A Slate Roof | NSW Slate Roofing Blog

Damaged Tiles Can Still Cause Water Damage – Inspect Your Roof Regularly

Slate tiles are waterproof and do not require any resealing or future waterproofing. But that doesn’t mean that your roof is completely maintenance free. Slate tiles can still be damaged by falling tree limbs, extreme weather conditions, and wear & tear, just like any other roof material.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to have your roof inspected regularly. We recommend looking at your roof every once in a while to look for any tiles that are obviously cracked, dislodged, or damaged in some way.

You should also keep an eye out inside your home for any signs of leaks in attics or other areas that are directly below your roof. Scheduling a professional roof inspection every 1-2 years is also recommended, as a pro may catch damage to tiles and flashing that you may not be able to pick out from the ground.

Choose Slate For Your Roofing Project To Get The Best Durability!

If you have the budget for natural slate tiles, you’ll enjoy a roof that can easily last 100+ years with proper installation, care, and maintenance. Want to learn more about slate in Sydney and NSW? Wondering if it’s right for you?

NSW Slate Roofing is here to help. As master slaters in Sydney, we can provide you with expert advice on the use of slate in your next roofing project, provide you with a quote, and handle the entire place of roof replacement or installation. Contact us now to schedule a consultation.