How Do You Maintain A Slate Roof

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If you have a slate roof, you’ll enjoy incredible fire resistance, amazing energy efficiency, a unique style, and a roof that can easily last more than 100 years.

But if you want your roof to look great and last as long as possible, you need to maintain it properly. Just like any other type of roofing, your slate roof will require regular occasional maintenance, repairs, and upkeep to make sure it stays intact.

1. Clean Your Gutters Twice Per Year

All types of gutters perform the same basic function. They allow water to drain from your roof, and be channeled away from the roof shingles, roof decking, and other roofing elements. If your gutters are clogged, damaged, or do not work properly, this can cause damage to your roof.

Water won’t be able to drain properly, so it may sit on your roof tiles and begin infiltrating the rest of the roofing structure, leading to water stains and damage inside your home. Twice-yearly gutter cleanings will help prevent this.

How Do You Maintain A Slate Roof | NSW Slate Roofing

2. Perform Visual Inspections Every Once In A While

While slate roofs are very durable, individual slates can still become loose and fall off of your roof, be cracked by flying debris like small tree branches, and become damaged by regular wear & tear.

We recommend heading outside to look at your roof every once in a while – every few months, at most. Using some binoculars may help you get a good look at individual slates and look for any obvious damage.

3. Check The Roof After Serious Winds & Inclement Weather

If your home experienced serious inclement weather like high winds, hail, or other weather conditions that could have caused damage to the tiles, check them to see if damage occurred. You should be able to see if any significant damage occurred just by checking your roof from the ground level.

4. Get Your Roof Checked By A Roofer Who Specialises In Slate Roof Maintenance

We always recommend regular slate roof checks from a roofing contractor that specializes in working with this type of roofing. Hiring a slate roofing contractor to check your slate tiles and your flashing and guttering will ensure you get a set of experienced eyes checking your roof.

In addition, experienced slate roofers use special ladders and tools to move safely on your roof and avoid stepping directly on tiles, which can dislodge and damage them. This is important – if you hire a roof inspector who doesn’t do this, they could actually cause serious damage to your roof!

5. Perform Roofing Repairs As Needed To Keep Your Slate Tiles In Good Shape

If your inspector finds any damaged, broken, or dislodged slate tiles, you’ll want to repair or replace them right away. Even if you’re only missing a few tiles in a particular area, this can lead to further damage to your other tiles and the underlying roof structure. Immediate repairs are the best way to safeguard your roof.

6. Consider Having Your Roof Cleaned Annually

Roof cleanings let you check on the condition of your roof, and also help you eliminate things like algae, dirt buildup, and other debris. With regular roof cleanings, you’ll make sure your home always looks its best, and boost your curb appeal!

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Slate roofs last much longer than other shingle roofs built from any other roofing material, including asphalt shingles. But you still need to take a few steps to ensure that your slate roof reaches its maximum possible lifespan.

So don’t wait – contact NSW Slate Roofing if you need a roof inspection for your slate roof in Sydney or the surrounding areas. As slate experts, we’ll ensure that your roof is in great shape, and recommend any repairs that may be necessary for your slate tiles.