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How Heavy Is A Slate Roof

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When it comes to durability and longevity, you won’t beat a slate roof. Your slate roof can easily last 75 years, and most slate roofs have over a 100 year lifespan with proper maintenance and slate roof repair.

But since slate is a natural stone, it is a lot heavier than other types of roof materials. Let’s discuss the basics of slate tile roof weight now – and help you understand a bit more about why slate is so heavy, and why that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

Slate Tiles Are Heavier Than Most Other Roofing Materials

Compared to asphalt shingle, wood shake & shingle, and metal roofs, slate tiles are significantly heavier, with a weight per 10 square metres of about 370 to 680 kilograms, depending on the type of slate tile and the thickness of the product.

In contrast, a similar amount of asphalt shingles will weigh somewhere between 80 to 100 kilograms, depending on the type of shingle and the thickness of the product.

Metal roofs are even lighter than this, since the metal roofing can be manufactured to be very thin and lightweight. 10 square metres of standing seam metal roofing will typically weigh in at about 60 kilograms.

Heavy Tiles Mean Better Durability & Higher Energy Efficiency


The heaviness and density of a natural stone slate roof is actually not a bad thing. Though slate weighs more than other roofing materials, this can actually be helpful in a lot of ways.

First and foremost, the density and thickness of slate make it more durable and less prone to premature wear & failure. Slate is also impervious to moisture and completely fire-resistant – the thick, non-combustible nature of slate tiles makes them ideal for protecting structures built in bushfire zones in Australia.

But the biggest benefit of slate roofing products is energy efficiency. The density of slate means that it’s effective at keeping radiant heat out of your home during the summer, reflecting the sun’s rays and keeping the cool air inside your home.

How Heavy is a Slate roof | NSW Slate Roofing

The reverse is true in the winter. Your slate tiles will act as a natural insulator, preventing rising hot air from escaping from your home. In both the summer and the winter, you will enjoy a lower overall cost to heat and cool your home when you invest in slate roof tiles.


Your Roof May Need To Be Reinforced For Proper Installation Of Slate Tiles

There is a drawback to the heavy weight of slate. If your home was not built with a slate roof in mind, the roof structure may need to be replaced or reinforced. Slate can easily weigh up to 6x more than asphalt shingles, so the existing structure may not be able to handle your new roof.

However, your roof can typically be upgraded with new fasteners, additional supports in the roof structure, and additional reinforcements that will prepare your home to accept the heavier weight of a slate tile roof.

This step absolutely cannot be overlooked if you plan to install a slate roof. Failing to take the necessary steps to reinforce the structural elements of your roof could lead to catastrophic failure of the entire roofing system.

If your home is not properly built for slate tiles, you will need to factor this into your installation costs. An experienced slate contractor at NSW Slate Roofing can provide you with roofing quotes that include the cost of reinforcing your existing roof substructures – ensuring you have a full understanding of the costs that your project will involve.

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Installing a slate roof requires expert contractors who understand the challenges involved in the process – and can ensure your roof structure is properly reinforced and prepared for a slate roof.

So don’t just trust any roofer in Sydney to provide you with a slate roof. At NSW Slate Roofing, our master slaters have decades of combined experience, and we specialise in installing and replacing beautiful natural slate roofs. Contact us online to schedule a consultation and get a quote for your project.