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    Slate Roofing Bellevue Hill

    NSW Slate Roofing is a proud, passionate and precise slate roofing Bellevue Hill company. We undertake all types of roofing jobs, specialising in high end traditional slate roofing. We install a variety of slate to residential, commercial and Heritage listed buildings. We also provide a professional slate roof repairs and maintenance services throughout Sydney and NSW.

    NSW Slate Roofing was founded in 2010 by Kinsley Dennings, a master slater whose knowledge was passed down from father to son. Having already successfully started his own slate roofing business in Wales at the age of 19, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in all facets of the slate roofing industry to Australia.

    Roofing Services

    Our slate roofing Bellevue Hill  services include:

    Slate Roofing Bellevue Hill by NSW Slate Roofing

    • residential slate roofing Bellevue Hill
    • commercial slate roofing Bellevue Hill
    • Heritage listed & public buildings
    • slate roof repairs Bellevue Hill
    • copper roofing Bellevue Hill
    • copper guttering Bellevue Hill
    • copper standing seam
    • zinc standing seam
    • lead roof Bellevue Hill

    Products used:

    Slate Roofing Bellevue Hill by NSW Slate RoofingPremium Slate Roofing Bellevue Hill

    Slate has been used as roofing material for thousands of years and it’s still the best environmentally-friendly roofing option. Although slate roofs are pricier compared to other roofing options, its durable quality makes it worth the price when you consider its lifespan can last as long as 175 years. Slate is considered by industry experts as the most preferred material for roof tiling and it’s not hard to see why: it is durable, beautiful, resilience to weather conditions, both fire and water resistant.

    Master Slate Roofing Sydney

    As members of the Masters Builders Association and Masters Roof and Slaters Association, we take great pride in our work and we work to all required standards. As part of our slate roofing Bellevue Hill services, we also provide advice and consultation which comes from our many years of experience in the industry. We service all of Sydney. Don’t just take our word for it, contact us and request for a detailed quotation.

    For all your slate roofing Bellevue Hill needs, trust the experienced and professional slate roof service from NSW Slate Roofing. To schedule a consultation give us a call today on 1300 102 908. Alternatively, fill out the enquiry form below and we will contact you shortly.

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