The Benefits Of Slate On Sydney Homes

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Slate is making a major comeback. Though we’d commonly get to see slate used in heritage buildings, people are discovering this material thanks to its high-quality and rather dramatic visual effect.

Whether you’re considering a slate roof, or think slate tiles would go really well for the inside, here are some great benefits of slate we think are worth mentioning.

5 Benefits of Slate

1. It Blends Well with Other Materials

Natural slate can be easily added to different styles and turn a home design from boring to exciting. This is an important issue many homeowners are concerned about because they ultimately want their home to look put together, and not resemble a mosaic.

Many believe slate is optimal for a traditional look, like the one we see on churches or really old buildings, but that’s not true. Slate is extremely versatile and can be used in modern projects as well without any issues. For example, in a tile roof, the tiles themselves can come in a lot of different shapes, and create any sort of look you want, from a modern sleek to curvy and classic.

Plus, since slate comes in a variety of colours, the possibilities for design are truly endless.

2. It’s Durable

Natural slate can generally be divided into two main groups: hard and soft. Usually, coloured slates are considered hard, while black slate is soft, but that really depends on the source material.

Soft slate can last anywhere between 50 years and 100 years, while hard slate will usually last for more than 100 years, even in adverse weather conditions. This is one of the greatest benefits of slate, it is truly one of the best roofing materials around since you know you can do it once and not have to worry about it for a long time.

The Benefits Of Slate On Sydney Homes | NSW Slate Roofing

3. It’s Energy-Efficient

If you go for a slate roof, you will have better control over the temperature in your home and make it energy-efficient. Slate is extremely dense, which means the hot air from the outside won’t get in through the attic to make your home too hot. And the reserve is true for colder weather – hot air stays in, and you don’t spend as much on heating or cooling as you used to.

4. It’s Fire-Resistant

Slate is completely fire-resistant because it’s a natural stone. And unlike shingles or asphalt, it can face really high temperatures, which is something many Sydney homeowners should really consider, given the high possibility of wildfire in certain areas.

5. It’s Environmentally-Friendly

Slate is a natural material, so there is no manufacturing process involved. It comes straight from the ground and the preparation process is easy and does not impact the environment in any way.

6. It’s Cost-Effective

When you compare prices as they are, slate is not the cheapest one, in any way. But as your roofing contractor will likely tell you as well, it’s a great investment for the future, and by choosing high-quality slate you almost completely remove the need for a roof repair in the future.

Again, a slate roof will last you more than 100 years and will help you cut down on energy consumption, so you’ll get a return on your investment. In fact, chances are very high that only the next generation after you will need to worry about the slate roof. For more information see: slate roof cost.

Professional Slate Roofing Services

If you like all the above mentioned benefits of slate and are in the market for slate installation, we’re here to help. NSW Slate Roofing has decades of experience in installing and repairing slate roofs in Sydney. So if you have a project and think we can help, get in touch with us right now on 1300 102 908.

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