Traditional Roofing Trends In Australia

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Australia: a country as unique as it is breathtaking. The continent’s diverse landscape consists of a combination of lush rainforests, dry desert plains and breezy coastal seasides. This variety in topography calls for versatile roof types and adaptable trends. Gone are the days where functionality was the only factor considered when selecting a roof. Modern times have seen a shift to more aesthetically appealing yet equally functional roofing. When it comes time to choose your roof, it can be valuable to look through all the traditional roofing trends in Australia to see which have withstood the test of time and weather.

The roof of your home is arguably the most important element of the construction. Not only does your roof increase the structural strength of your house and protect your home from the elements, it also adds value to your property.

Functionality Over Aesthetics

Modern times have seen an overhaul of traditional roofing views where functionality was paramount. Aesthetic appeal is now an equally important factor when designing or renovating a home. A feature almost all house types have in common is a sloping roof. This is due to functionality and the fact that this roof shape does not allow the accumulation of water and dirt.

Traditional home styles such as Victorian style homes are well known for their triangular shape roof which allows additional space for an attic. While these traditional roofs do have aesthetic appeal, the reason behind their structure was purely functional. The high pitched roofs are built with a slope downwards from a ridge to improve water and debris runoff. Victorian homes often also feature a hipped roof for their stability and the extra living space created.

Modern houses have shifted away from these triangular style roofs to a flat and minimalist approach utilising pitched planes and skillioned roofs. These streamline roofs are a main feature of modern houses due to the high-end look they achieve. Despite these modern roofs being predominantly flat, they are still built with a pitch for water runoff. A smaller addition on modern houses; particularly those with a rectangular shaped roof, is a box gutter which seamlessly blends into your home and does not hang off the edge of your roof or side of your house.


Location has been an influencing factor in Australian roofing colour trends for many decades. Many traditional roofs were often shades of deep red, reminiscent of the rich soil Australia is known for. While some houses still choose this traditional colour, recent times have seen a shift away from this. Homeowners now take more creative freedoms when it comes to the look and colour of their roofing. Many modern homes are now choosing more neutral, lighter colours to match a personal aesthetic and improve home insulation. Neutral colours are able to reflect the heat, rather than absorb it. This is a large reason for this trend’s popularity as Australia is no stranger to scorching hot summers. Grey tones; particularly in slate tiles, have been extremely popular for modern homes as it gives a classy and sleek finish.


The materials used in Australian roofs have changed throughout the decades. Victorian houses often used clay, asphalt or concrete tiles, all weather and fire resistant options. Queenslander houses commonly used a metal roof which can minimise wind resistance, ideal for coastal homes. Modern houses are often made using Colorbond steel or slate tiles. Colorbond steel is popular due to the large selection of colourways available. Slate tiles are beneficial in roofing due to their ability to insulate the home, extremely long durability and sleek and modern appearance.

When selecting the type of roof for your home it is also important to consider the below key factors:

  • Energy efficient expectations
  • Council requirements
  • Australian building codes
  • Style of your home or building

Traditional Roofing Trends In Australia | NSW Slate Roofing

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