Specialising in Traditional Slate Roofing

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Specialising in Traditional Slate Roofing

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Specialising in Traditional Slate Roofing

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Specialising in Traditional Slate Roofing

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    Zinc Standing Seam Roof

    If you are looking for a metal roof in Sydney or anywhere else in Australia, a zinc standing seam roof is a great alternative to metal roofs built from stainless steel, or other materials like copper and titanium.

    Zinc standing seam roofs can be installed on almost any surface, and provide a powerful protective layer that is resistant to wind, weather, and environmental conditions. In addition, it’s cost effective, and zinc roof systems can be used on a wide range of roof pitches.

    Interested in a zinc standing seam roof? Learn more about the unique architectural design and appeal of standing seam roofing below.

    What Is A Zinc Standing Seam Roof?

    Zinc standing seam roofs are a type of roof that uses a single lock or double lock standing seam. This “standing seam” allows for the simple profiling and seaming of the roof. Each roof panel strip, which is usually 30-40 cm in width, can be locked into the adjacent strip, with tolerances of only about 0.5mm.

    Some of the top manufacturers of zinc standing seam roofs include VMZinc and Euroclad. These products are durable, long-lasting, and cost-effective, allowing customers to get a durable, maintenance-free roofing solution that provides a refined appearance that gets even more distinctive with age.

    How Are Zinc Standing Seam Roofs Installed?

    Typically, zinc standing seam roofs are installed onto a base layer of plywood, and also use water-impermeable barriers underneath the wood. Modern zinc lock standing seam panels are usually only about 25mm in height. The low height of seams (25mm) contributes to a more uniform and appealing roof, and doesn’t break the roofline.

    Siding clips are used to attach the single folding standing seam roofs to the rest of the roof structure. These typically are made of stainless steel, and allow the metal and plywood to flex somewhat to adjust to changing climate conditions, while maintaining a secure hold, and a water-impermeable barrier.

    The installation of a zinc standing seam roof is not easy. You have to trust the professionals to install your roof properly, as this is a large investment, and requires specialized care and attention.

    What Are The Benefits Of A Zinc Standing Seam Roof?

    Wondering why you should invest in a zinc standing seam roof? Here are just a few benefits. 

    • Extremely durable and corrosion resistant – Zinc resists corrosion more effectively than other metal roofing materials like steel and copper, making it very durable. It also resists extreme weather and temperatures, which means it can stand up to the harsh Australian climate very effectively.
    • Unbeatable longevity – Zinc roofs can last over a hundred years when properly installed, making them a fantastic long-term investment.
    • Little maintenance required – Periodic cleanings are recommended to remove algae and stains, but other than that, zinc roofs do not require any kind of regular maintenance.
    • Completely recyclable – The zinc material used in the roof can be reused or recycled after it has been removed, making it very cost-effective and environmentally-friendly. 
    • Lightweight and energy-efficient – Like all metal roofs, zinc roofing is quite lightweight, despite its durability. Also, it reflects UV rays from the sun, rather than absorbing them. This means that it’s very energy-efficient, particularly in hot climates.

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