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    Slate Roof Leak Repairs Sydney

    Heritage slate roofs are beautiful and unique. Natural slate is one of the most unique roof materials, and many roofing professionals highly recommend slate as a long-lasting, natural roofing solution.

    However, even the highest quality natural stone roofs will eventually need maintenance and repairs. Whether you have Welsh Penrhyn slate tiles, Canadian Glendyne slate, or any other natural material, you will eventually need slate roof repairs.

    NSW Slate Roofing – Master Slate Roofers In Sydney!

    We’re one of the leading roofing companies in Sydney, and we specialize in repairing slate. Our master slate roofers have years of experience with slate roof restorations. You can trust us to take great care of your Sydney slate roofing – and we’ll ensure that your roofing project goes off without a hitch.

    Our company was founded in Sydney in 2010 by Kinsley Denning, a master slate roofer who began installing roofs at the age of just 16. Today, he has over two decades of experience repairing and installation of slate roofs – making him the ideal choice for your next project.

    Whether you’re installing a new slate roof, or need the restoration of a historic slate roof that has lasted over 100 years, we are the ideal choice!

    NSW Slate Roofing provide Slate Roof Leak Repairs Sydney

    Our Slate Roofing Repair Process

    We approach all of our projects as distinct jobs with their own unique set of challenges. First, we begin by performing a comprehensive roof assessment. We will examine each and every piece of slate, and the overall integrity of your roof.

    If the repairs that are required are relatively minor, we can often simply replace the broken or degraded slate tiles, restoring your roof quickly. We can also retile the entire roof without removing the underlying slate layer, in many cases – which preserves your flashing and underlying roof materials.

    With a huge stock of slate tiles, and a connection with top-quality slate suppliers, we can choose materials that fit your existing slate roof, and will provide a seamless appearance.

    If we see that your home or business needs more extensive slate roof repairs, we will compile a report on our findings and present you with an estimate, based on our survey. With our knowledge, experience, and professionalism, you can be sure that we’ll be able to repair your slate roof – no matter how damaged or deteriorated it may be.

    Professional Slate Roofing Sydney Services

    NSW Slate Roofing provide other slate roofing and roofing services including but not limited to:

    • Residential & Commercial
    • Heritage buildings, Public buildings, Churches, Schools & Hospitals
    • All Slate Repairs
    • Gazebo’s, Poaches & Lean-to’s.
    • Extensions & Garages
    • All lead work undertaken
    • All metal gutters, downpipes and flashings
    • Gutter Repairs
    • Standard Fixed Slating
    • Diminishing Slating
    • Timber Shingling Sydney
    • Mitred Hips & valleys
    • European Hook system
    • Lead roll top ridge & hips
    • Repair Slate
    • Lead Valleys
    • Copper roll top ridge & hips
    • Sydney Slate Roofing
    • Copper valleys
    • Wooden Shingling and Shakes
    NSW Slate Roofing provide Slate Roof Leak Repairs SydneyNSW Slate Roofing provide Slate Roof Leak Repairs Sydney

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    The longer you wait before repairing a slate roof, the more likely it is that you will require a complete replacement or slate roof restoration – which can be very expensive.

    To save money and keep your roof intact, don’t hesitate – contact us today if you believe that there is something wrong with your slate roof. We’d be happy to take a look, and give you a repair estimate – with no commitment! Give us a call today on 0410 244 228 or fill out out enquiry form and we will contact you shortly.

      Types Of Slate We Specialise In

      Welsh Slate

      At NSW Slate Roofing, we have decades of experience with slate roofs of all kinds – including Welsh slate roofs. Welsh slate is a building material renowned for its quality and durability, and is highly sought-after in international markets.

      Spanish Slate

      If you’re interested in a long-lasting, beautiful roofing material, Spanish slate is a great option. While most asphalt roofs will fail within 25 years or 30 years, a high quality slate roof can easily last for over 100 years.

      Canadian Slate

      At NSW Slate Roofing, we have a tremendous variety of slate in stock. From Canadian Glendyne to Welsh Penrhyn slate, we can help you get any material for your heritage slate roof.

      Composite Slate

      Composite slate is a great alternative to a natural slate roof. It offers a beautiful appearance and a life span of more than 30 years, and it’s low-maintenance roofing material.

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