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    Slate Roof Tile Sydney Prices

    If you’re interested in replacing metal roofing or asphalt shingles with slate tiles, you may be wondering how much you’ll pay for natural slate roof tiles in Sydney – and why slate is so expensive.

    At NSW Slate Roofing, we’re master slaters with more than 25 years of experience in the business. Whether you’re interested in a slate floor, or using natural slates as roofing materials, we’re here to help.

    Read on to find out about the basics of slate roof tiles in Sydney, and how much you can expect to pay for a slate roof. We’ll also discuss how slate roofing compares to other roofing materials in Sydney – such as terracotta roof tiles and concrete roof tiles.

    Why Are Slate Roofing Tiles So Expensive?

    This is probably the first thing that you’re wondering. We won’t beat around the bush – slate is the most expensive commonly-used roofing material used in modern construction.

    Whether you’re getting roof repairs or building a new slate roof, you’re going to pay quite a bit for the square metres of slate used in your project.

    For example, asphalt shingles will usually cost you about $40 per square metre, without installation costs. Metal roofing usually costs about $100 per square metre, and terracotta tile can cost upwards of $120 per square metre. Slate tiles tend to be even more expensive than this – $130-$150 per square metre is not uncommon for high quality natural slate.

    So why are slate roofing tiles so expensive? There are a few reasons.

    • Slate roofing tiles last longer than any other type of roof – One of the reasons that slate is so expensive is that it is extremely durable and long-lived. A typical slate roof has a 100 year or longer lifespan, and usually does not require any roof repairs. As one of the most durable roofing materials on the market, slate tiles command a premium in terms of price per square metres of material.
    • Slate tiles are hand-selected and hewn – Slate tiles are extracted from mines in Wales, Spain, and Canada, among other areas. They must be extracted and process by hand by specialized miners and artisans – which makes them more expensive to produce.
    • Slate is extremely heavy and costly to transport – Slate is very dense, compared to other materials like asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, and metal roofing. This means that the cost of transporting slate is quite high, compared to other roofing materials.
    • Slate takes longer to install and is more difficult – Slate takes longer to install, due to its unique characteristics and weight. While a worker may lay up to 10 “squares” of cedar tiles or asphalt shingles per day, it may take a full day to lay just one square of slate tiles. In addition, securing slate properly requires years of experience – for the best results, a master slater must oversee the operation. Again, this means that it takes longer for slate to be installed – increasing overall project costs.
    Slate Roof Tile Sydney PricesSlate Roof Tile Sydney Prices
    NSW Slate Roofing - Slate Roof Tile Sydney Prices

    Is Slate Worth The Investment?

    The answer is an unequivocal “Yes!” Slate is almost always worth the investment if you plan on living in your home for quite a while. Here are just a few reasons why!

    • Slate can increase the value of your home – Much of the money you spend on a slate project will be added to the value of your home. Because slate is fireproof, durable, and has great insulative properties, potential homebuyers will be willing to pay more for your home. In addition, the appearance of natural slate is striking and beautiful – which can increase the curb appeal of your home.
    • Slate requires little upkeep and maintenance – All you need to do is inspect your slate roof every few years, and clean it to prevent algae streaks and other common roof issues.
    • Slate will not require replacement – Though slate may seem expensive, it may actually be cheaper in the long run! Asphalt roofs may need to be replaced every 15-20 years. Your slate roof, however, will last more than 100 years – so in the long run, you will save on both labor costs and material costs when you invest in a slate roof.

    The Most Common Types Of Slate Roofing Tiles

    There are several types of common slate roofing tiles available today.

    • Welsh Slate – Welsh Penrhyn and Cwt-y-Bugail slate are deep blue in color, and have a rough, textured surface.
    • Canadian Slate – Canadian Glendyne slate is extremely dense and durable, with a grey-blue color. It is prized for its insulative properties.
    • Spanish Slate – Spanish Del Carmen slate is also highly desirable, with a bluish-gray color. It’s been used to restore Buckingham Palace and the British Museum, due to its attractive, natural appearance.
    • Composite Slate – Composite slate is built from natural and synthetic cellulose that is injected with fibre cement. The result is a uniform composite slate shingle that looks just like natural slate. It does not last as long as “true” slate, but is much less expensive – and maintains many of the same beneficial qualities.
    NSW Slate Roofing - Slate Roof Tile Sydney Prices

    NSW Slate Roofing – The Best Choice For Traditional Slate Roofing Projects In Sydney

    If you are interested in the benefits of a traditional slate roof in Sydney, contact NSW Slate Roofing right away. Our master slaters can help you learn more about the benefits of slate roofing, and give you a free quote for your project! Give us a call today on 0410 244 228 or fill out our enquiry form and we will get back to your shortly.

      Types Of Slate We Specialise In

      Welsh Slate

      Welsh Slate

      At NSW Slate Roofing, we have decades of experience with slate roofs of all kinds – including Welsh slate roofs. Welsh slate is a building material renowned for its quality and durability, and is highly sought-after in international markets.

      Spanish Slate

      Spanish Slate

      If you’re interested in a long-lasting, beautiful roofing material, Spanish slate is a great option. While most asphalt roofs will fail within 25 years or 30 years, a high quality slate roof can easily last for over 100 years.

      Canadian Slate

      Canadian Slate

      At NSW Slate Roofing, we have a tremendous variety of slate in stock. From Canadian Glendyne to Welsh Penrhyn slate, we can help you get any material for your heritage slate roof.

      Composite Slate

      Composite Slate

      Composite slate is a great alternative to a natural slate roof. It offers a beautiful appearance and a life span of more than 30 years, and it’s low-maintenance roofing material.

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