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    Slate Roofing Professionals Sydney

    If you need a roofing company to work with you for slate roof repair, or a roof installation using natural slate, NSW Slate Roofing is the best choice in all of Sydney and New South Wales.

    At our roofing company, we have decades of experience working with all types of slate roof. From slate repairs on a traditional slate roof, to the installation of a new high quality slate, such as Canadian Glendyne slate and Penrhyn Welsh slate, we can do it all.

    Traditional Slate Roofing With Modern Tools And Techniques

    We undertake all of our roofing projects with care and attention. Our master slate roofers are familiar with all traditional techniques used in slate roofing – such as the installation and upkeep of lead flashings, and attaching slate to roofs securely.

    We use modern tools such as moisture barriers and other advances to augment this traditional approach – leading to the very best results for all types of slate roof. And with high quality slate from Wales, Canada, and Spain available – as well as lower-cost synthetic slate – we have the products you need for your next project.

    NSW Slate Roofing Professionals Sydney
    NSW Slate Roofing Professionals Sydney

    Our Roof Tilers Are Repair And Installation Experts

    A quality slate roof can easily last over 100 years, but even the best roofs need to be repaired every once in a while. Our master slate roofers have seen it all, and can restore your roof quickly, and ensure that all intact slate is re-used. This leads to a lower overall project cost – because around 80% of slate tiles will remain completely usable, even if a slate roof requires repairs.

    We are also experts at the installation of new slate roofs. Slate roofs are extremely dense, and are good insulators. can help lower your power bill. They are also fire-resistant and UV resistant, and require very little maintenance. They are also resistant to fire, and can last you for decades.

    If you’re interested in the benefits of a slate roof – or you need to repair your existing roof – we’re an ideal choice. We are easy to deal with, and offer free repair and installation assessments for most projects.

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    With our years of experience, you can be sure that our master slate roofers will give you a reasonable estimate. And if you do choose us as your slate roof specialist, you can rest easy, and know that you will get the best possible results in Sydney.

    Feel free to contact us online now. Still need convincing? Check out our project gallery, or our past client testimonials to learn more about us.

      Types Of Slate We Specialise In

      welsh slate

      Welsh Slate

      At NSW Slate Roofing, we have decades of experience with slate roofs of all kinds – including Welsh slate roofs. Welsh slate is a building material renowned for its quality and durability, and is highly sought-after in international markets.

      spanish slate

      Spanish Slate

      If you’re interested in a long-lasting, beautiful roofing material, Spanish slate is a great option. While most asphalt roofs will fail within 25 years or 30 years, a high quality slate roof can easily last for over 100 years.

      canadian slate

      Composite Slate

      At NSW Slate Roofing, we have a tremendous variety of slate in stock. From Canadian Glendyne to Welsh Penrhyn slate, we can help you get any material for your heritage slate roof.

      composite slate

      Canadian Slate

      Composite slate is a great alternative to a natural slate roof. It offers a beautiful appearance and a life span of more than 30 years, and it’s low-maintenance roofing material.

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